Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tommee Tippee Products Review

When I was pregnant with my little one, I was always asking wise, knowledgeable moms for advice on what products I needed to get.  One name that kept coming up - Tommee Tippee.  This company has some SERIOUSLY great baby and kid's products.  But what makes Tommee Tippee even better is that their products are REASONABLY PRICED - which is a wonderful plus for a frugal mama like me!

The AWESOME folks at Tommee Tippee sent me (and my little one) several products to review.  And, I have to say, I was VERY pleased with each one!  The first product we received was a 2-pack of the Explora Easi-Roll Bibs...

These bibs are AMAZING!  They fit my little one well, are not heavy, and are super-easy to clean!  Other AWESOME qualities of these bibs - 1.) They have crumb-catchers.  That's really helpful when you have a messy toddler!  2.) They have 3 different closure holes, so whether you have a skinny baby or a chubby baby, this bib will fit!  I also LOVE that the closure isn't velco!  As my little one's hair grows, it seems I'm always pulling her hair when I pull off a bib with velcro.  3.) These bibs roll for easy storage.  This makes them GREAT for travel, diaper bags, etc. because they fit pretty much anywhere!  (You can get these bibs at Amazon.com and ToysRUs.)

The second item we received was a set of 8 Explora Feeding Spoons...

Things I love about these spoons - 1.) They are BPA free! 2.) The scoop part of the spoon is slightly larger than your average toddler spoon, so it makes it a easier for them to scoop up food. 3.) They are also actually shorter than most toddler spoons and have thicker handles, which makes them easier for a little one to hold and maneuver. (You can buy these spoons at Amazon.com or ToysRUs.)

Lastly, we received 3 different Chewthers from Tommee Tippee's "Closer To Nature" line...

(I had to take this pic from the Tommee Tippee website because my little one
ran off with the the original before I could snap any pics!) ;)

Now, first let me say that my little one is teething like crazy!  But she has never been big on teething rings or teething toys.  I've tried plastc teething toys, wooden teething toys, cloth, refridgerated, frozen, etc., etc., etc.  She holds them for a second and then puts them down.  But AS SOON as I opened the box with these little goodies, she was reaching for them!  She held them, played with them, and YES - she even chewed on them!  Its a miracle!!! (You can buy these Chewthers at Amazon.com, ToysRUs, and Target.)

The Tommee Tippee website states that these chewthers are "Scientifically developed in association with a leading authority in pediatric dentistry. The Chewther™ trainers are specially designed to support your child's oral development in preparation for speech and feeding by supporting lip seal, muscle coordination and jaw development. Chewther™ trainers help your child soothe the pain associated with teething." How AWESOME is that!

All, in all, we LOVE the products we received from Tommee Tippee.  They are all very well made, very "wallet-friendly" and absolutely adorable!

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