Friday, June 8, 2012

Kidsme Baby Feeding Set Review

Kidsmebaby is the manufacturer of some really innovative baby feeding products.  One of their most creative items is the Kidsme Food Feeder...

But Kidsme has tons of neat products!  For this review, the great folks at Kidsme sent me the Baby Feeding Set...

This set includes 5 wonderful products...

The Food Grinder is small, which is great!  It will fit well in a kitchen cabinet or even out on the counter without taking up much space.  Its much more convenient than having to pull out a huge food processor every time tou want to grind up a little food for your little one.

This little scissors are very nifty!  The actual blades can be used to cute meat or pasta and the tip of the blade can be used to cut fruits and veggies into smaller, more manageable bites for your little one.

These Food Feeders are very cool!  Simply chop up the food (fruits, veggies, meats, etc) and place t in the feeder.  Give it to your little one and let them gnaw away!  With the Food Feeder you don't have to worry about your little one choking!

Every baby could use more spoons! So, they've included a lovely little soft bite spoon in this feeding set!  This spoon is cute and gentle on tender, teething gums.

If you'd like to check out Kidsme's products for yourself, you can do so HERE.
Also, check out BabySquare (the official US distributor of Kidsme products HERE.
You can buy the Baby Feeding Set on HERE.

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