Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bare Organics Review

I've been thinking a lot lately about the products my family uses on our skin.  I have to say, I never gave it much thought until I started doing these blog reviews and researching some of the natural products I was sent for review.  But, when you think about it, most soaps, deodorants, lotions, etc. have lots of nasty ingredients in them.  And even if you aren't concerned that they are bad for your health, I can't imagine that they are gentle on your skin!

So I was very excited when the people at Bare Organics offered me a couple of products for review.  Bare Organics is a Canadian skincare company that makes products for the whole family.  The first product that they sent me was their Organic Baby Balm...

This balm is a Bare Organics bestseller and I can see why!  Don't let the name fool you.  While this balm is great for baby bottoms or chapped cheeks, its also great for mom and dad!  Use it on cracked heels or rough, dry elbows!  Its super-concentrated and you only need a little bit, so even their smallest jar (2oz) will last a good, long while!  They have 2 balms to choose from - unscented and lavender scented.  They sent me the lavender one and I'm so glad!  This is a great after-bath item for my little one!  And since its lavender-scented, it will help her relax and sleep.  But I can use it too!  I rubbed some on my hands and now I'm actually feeling sleepy!  LOL!  In fact, I may have to wait until tomorrow morning to finish this post!

The second item that I received was their Canadian Shield Deodorant...

This deodorant is seriously natural!  Its so natural, that its edible!  (Although, I wouldn't try to eat it because it probably wouldn't taste that great!  LOL!)  They have 4 different ones to choose from, and they sent me the "Fresh" scent.  Now, normally when you see the word "fresh" in reference to deodorant, its a "powder fresh" smell. I don't like that.  :/  But this deodorant has the frangrance of mint, tea tree, and rosemary!  It really does smell "fresh!"  What a great morning "pick-me-up!"

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