Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Papersalt Review

I love finding fun new ways to teach my little one!  Its hard to find creative new ways to instruct kids.  But Papersalt has made that job a little easier!  They have some really cute booklets that instruct kids on everything from table manners to daily living.  The awesome folks at Papersalt were kind enough to send me several of their books for review...

The first book I received was the "Me" book...

This book is really cool!  Its actually a 100-page journal for girls, complete with inspirational quotes and great topics to write about.  I love this idea!  It has quotes and topics all through the book to help inspire young ladies to write down their thoughts.  For example, one page says, "Women that inspire me..." at the top and then has lots of room for them to write down who it is that they admire.

I also received their Being A Boy and Being A Girl books...

Each one of these books is 50 pages long and they are full of great information that parents often want their kids to know, but may forget to verbalize.  For example, the girl's book says things like, "You are beautiful.  Don't let anyone tell you that you are not."

I also received this adorable "Quotes" book...

This is a great little coffee table book!  Its full of cute, inspirational, and funny quotes!  But the best part about these quotes is that they were collected to remind your kids about integrity, humility, etc.  I love that!!!

I also received this awesome Dinner Table Manners book...

This book is 62 pages of helpful info to teach your kids about how to dine. It has lots of great basic information like "don't put your elbows on the table."  But I love that it also has things like, "Don't bring cell phones, iPods, etc to the dinner table.  Make dinner a 'technology-free' time..."

And, lastly, I received this awesome Table and Kitchen Manners and Skills book...

This is a smaller book, but its FABULOUS!!!  Its 12 days-worth of ideas to help clean up and organize the kitchen WITH YOUR FAMILY!  I love that idea because its never too early to teach your kids responsibility and organization!  For example, one day instructs the family to "refill" kitchen and dining room items that may be running out (like salt a pepper shakers, the napkin holder, hand soap dispenser, etc.).  What a wonderful way to teach your kids to keep their spaces clean, tidy, and organized!

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