Friday, June 8, 2012

Vitamins Baby Blankie Buddy Review

Vitamins Baby is an online baby clothing store.  They have some really adorable clothes, pajamas, socks, etc.  But they also have some of the most adorable "lovies" that I have ever seen!  My little one loves to sleep with a little lovey.  And I love it too because its small and easy to travel with.

The awesome folks at Vitamins Baby sent my little angel one of their Giraffe Blankie Buddies to review (which is AWESOME because she loves giraffes)! :)

What I love about this Blankie Buddy:
1.) Its small, which makes it portable!  (Its the perfect little lovey for traveling with your little one.)
2.) They are sold in 2-packs!  This is SO great because, if you have to wash one, your little one will still have the other to sleep/play with!
3.) Its machine washable.  As a mama, I can tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE a toy that's machine washable!!!
4.)  And its SOOO cute!!!  Seriously!  Check out this sweet little face...

My little one picked it up immediately and began to cradle it.  So sweet!  And Vitamins Baby has 8 different Blankie Buddies  to choose from!

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