Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boogie Wipes Review

Well, we are right in the middle of a HORRIBLE flu season.  Ugh!  There's all sorts of sickness going around.  That means my little one has lots of runny noses - poor thing!  :(   I hate when my little one is sick!  And she hates having her nose wiped with tissues.  They make that sweet little nose so raw and sore.  Thankfully, Boogie Wipes is there to help us both!!! -

The folks at Boogie Wipes were kind enough to send me a couple of sets of their wipes for review - and I was THRILLED!  Boogie Wipes are so soft!  And they are made with natural saline, so they not only help you wipe your little one's face, but they dissolve those nasty, crusty boogies that dry on their faces.  - Sorry to be too descriptive, but if you're a mom you know EXACTLY what I mean.  :)  They are also alcohol, phthalate and paraben free, which is AWESOME! 

Oh, and Boogie Wipes are available in Unscented, Fresh Scent, Menthol, and Grape Scented (which is my little one's favorite).  :)

UPDATE:  Boogie Wipes also has a Menthol Scented wipe!  WhooHoo!!! -

These are great, not only for runny noses, but for STUFFY NOSES!!!  What a great way to help that poor little toddler be able to breathe a little better!!! I'm so excited that Boogie Wipes now has a menthol scent!!!

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