Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Citrus Lane December 2012 Boxes Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

Its that time again!  Time for another review of my favorite subscription service - Citrus Lane.  Citrus Lane is FABULOUS!  They send a box to your door every month filled with age appropriate items for your baby or child.  They used to only cater to kids 0 to 3 years old, but they just announced that they are upping the age to FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!  WooHoo!!!!!  I actually ordered 3 boxes in December so that I could do a more in-depth review.  I got a box for a newborn, an 11 month old, and a 28 month old.  December's theme was "A Few of Our Favorite Things" and it did NOT disappoint!  Here's what we received...

Newborn Box

The Newborn Box contained:
1.) A Pearhead Baby Hanging Keepsake ($14.95) - This little hand print kit is a PERFECT little item for anyone (like myself) who is expecting or recently had a baby!
2.) A Set of Chewbeads Skinny Charles Bangles ($19.50) - These bracelets are AWESOME!!!  I couldn't believe Citrus Lane included this full set of 3 bangles!  They are PERFECT for teething babies!  (Oh, and FYI, they are also great for toddlers!  My 2 year old always wants to wear one of my bracelets.  These are a great alternative.  She can't break one of mine and these aren't a choking hazard!!!)
3.) A Tiny Love Stroller Toy ($6.99) - These toys are so colorful and sweet!  Any baby would love one!
4.) A Full-Sized Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water ($12.99) - I haven't used this yet, but I've heard this stuff is FANTASTIC for babies with gas or tummy troubles!
5.) A Single Serving of Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn ($1.99) - A little gift for mommy!  :)
6.) A $15 Gift Code ($15) - is a FANTASTIC website!  They have tons of items for you or your child and many of them are $15 or less!  And with S&H only costing $2.99, this is a great deal!!!

That's a $71.42 value!  - All for $25 (which includes shipping!!!)

11 Month Old Box
The 11 Month Old Box contained:
1.) A Green Toys Submarine ($14.99) - Green Toys are FABULOUS!!!!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE them at our house!!! This submarine is a FANTASTIC bath toy!  You can even use it to rinse your little one's hair!!!   (Oh, and its made entirely or recycled milk jugs!!!)

2.) A Pearhead Brag Book ($8.95) - For the older child, Citrus Lane sent a brag book.  Keep it yourself or give it to a grandparent!  (I've even heard of some moms filling it with family photos or even magazine pics of animals, etc. and giving it to their little one as a busy item for car trips, restaurants, etc!)
3.) A Renee & Jeremy "It's a Big World" CD ($12.00) - A cute CD that you can listen to with your little one!
4.) A Bar of Madecasse 75% Cocoa Chocolate ($1.50) - Another special treat for mom!
5.) $15 Gift Code ($15.00) -

That's a $52.44 value! - All for $25 (which includes shipping!!!)

28 Month Old Box
The 28 Month Old Box contained:
1.) A Green Toys Airplane ($14.99) - Again, we LOVE Green Toys at our house!!!  This airplane is one of their newest items and its a big hit with my little girl!!!
2.) A Pearhead Brag Book ($8.96) -

3.) A Renee & Jeremy "It's a Big World" CD ($12.00) -
4.) A GoGo Squeez Fruit Pouch ($1.29) - These are great treats for the toddler on the go!
5.) A Bar of Madecasse 75% Cocoa Chocolate ($1.50) -
6.) A $15 Gift Code ($15.00) -

That's a $53.74 value! - All for $25 (which includes shipping!!!)

So, once again, INCREDIBLE boxes this month from Citrus Lane!!!  Every month is like a birthday when these arrive!
You can receive monthly surprises for your kids as well!!! Just use this REFERRAL LINK to get 50% off your first box!
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  1. I just read all of your Citrus Lane reviews- thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait to recieve our boxes this month.. my boys are 12m and 30m!

  2. Yay Rebecca! So excited for you! Hope you like them as much as we do! :)