Thursday, January 17, 2013

DaddyScrubs Review

OK, with baby number 2 set to arrive in a little over a month, I am SUPER EXCITED about this review!  Have you heard of DaddyScrubs?  I hadn't until recently, but I'm SO GLAD I found them!!!  The awesome folks at DaddyScrubs were kind enough to send my hubby a set of their scrubs to review.  I selected the Navy Scrubs with the "Edgy" print for him...

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But before I tell you more about DaddyScrubs, let me tell you a little about the day our first child was born.  It was a week before my due date and I was going to my final OB appointment.  Thankfully, my hubby decided to tag along for this one - partly because I was getting nervous and partly because I was too big to fit behind the steering wheel.  LOL! 
At this last appointment, during the checkup, my OB accidentally broke my water.  (And let me tell you, that's not a lot of fun.)  Well, after my water broke, she said, "Looks like you're having this baby today.  I'll call ahead to the hospital and let them know you're coming."  - Um, WHAT???!!!???  We had the nursery ready.  We had, thankfully, brought my hospital bag with us, but I still felt so unprepared.  Really though, it was my hubby that was unprepared.  There he was in his dress clothes and dress shoes - since he was planning on heading into the office after the appointment. 
When we got to the hospital, I was, of course, given a gown, etc.  My poor hubby was stuck in his business clothes.  What were we thinking?  I had clothes for me to wear after birth, a few outfits for the baby, etc.  How could we not have thought to bring anything for him???  Once they got me settled, I sent him home to change so that he could be more comfortable.  But, let me tell you, I wasn't thrilled about him leaving.  It was nearly and hour and a half for him to drive home, change clothes, and drive back.  And I was at the hospital by myself.  I swore we wouldn't make that mistake again!
Thankfully, this time we don't have to worry about that - thanks to DaddyScrubs!!!  DaddyScrubs sells scrubs in several colors and LOTS of sizes!  And their scrubs are comfy too.  Many dads choose to continue wearing them as pajamas after the big day. 
Now we have our DaddyScrubs and my hubby will be prepared this go around!  And what a great gift to give an expecting daddy!  Mommy gets lots of pampering.  Baby gets LOTS of stuff.  Don't forget about daddy!  Make sure he's comfortable too!!!  :)
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