Monday, January 28, 2013

Mommy MD Guides Review

I can remember when I was pregnant with my first child - and all through her first 2 years as well - I worried, as most mommies do, about all sorts of things.  (You know what I'm talking about.  You wonder if every little thing is normal, etc.)  And all new moms know that every friend and relative has "advice" for you.  And now, thanks to the invention of things like Facebook and Twitter, there's even MORE advice!  LOL!  Sometimes you just don't know who to listen to.  Thankfully, there's The Mommy MD Guides to the rescue!  The folks at Mommy MD Guides were kind enough to send me 2 of their guides for review.  The first one I received was their Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby's First Year...

This book is great!  Its filled with more than 900 tips for your baby's first year.  But what makes these tips so great is that they are from doctors who are also moms!  I love that!  I mean, I love advice from doctors, but sometimes you also what advice from a mom who has been there.  This book is the best of both worlds! 

The book goes by months, so chapter one is about your baby's first month.  Chapter 2 is about your baby's second month, etc. It tells you all about the developmental milestones for that month and then talks about all sorts of issues - like sleep training, preventing illness, baby proofing, introducing solids, etc!  This book has TONS of helpful info!

I also received The Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years...

Again, this is another great book filled with helpful hints from doctors who are also moms!  They discuss all the major "issues" of toddler-hood - like potty training, sleeping, eating, going on playdates, etc.!  The book is divided by units, including: Growth and Development, Food and Nutrition, Health and Safety, Bathing and Grooming, etc.  Each section has in-depth chapters and lots of helpful hints.  Its got everything from washing and detangling hair to when to call your doctor.

Both of these books are great aids to any mom!  And both books would also make great gifts! 
You can check out these books and more at The Mommy MD Guides' website HERE.

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